Carpet Estimating

Once you have decided upon the carpet you like you are well advised to have it professionally fitted. Before this you should obtain an estimate of the cost.

An estimate is more accurate when we are able to visit the location to measure the area and assess the situation.

When you receive an estimate we will advise you on the appropriate underlay including pads on stair treads and risers and any extra work required such as clearing the room, easing the doors and the type of fixings etc

Remember, the total cost of any job is what matters. Offers such as free underlay, free fitting and other inducements are negated by the cost per unit of the carpet.

Some carpets are wasteful if fitted in some rooms due to the fixed widths that carpets are usually made. However, there are carpet ranges that are produced in several widths, which reduces the waste carpet, and at least one manufacturer, Ryalux Carpets, will supply exactly the width required with waste, up to 5 metres wide.


The Process:

  • Visit one of showrooms in either Rayleigh or Westcliff-on-Sea and select a flooring of your choice
  • One of our expert member of the team will be on hand to meet you and discuss your chosen flooring
  • We will book a suitable time slot for the customer and are available 6 days a week
  • We will do our best to provide you with the final cost on site however, this may be subject to change depending on your flooring measurements
  • Our team are available to discuss your quote any time you need us
  • We are truthful and will always advise to the best of our abilities
  • Once your flooring has been delivered to our site, you will be contacted and your fitting arranged.